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Kāhui Tū Kaha (working together-stand strong)

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Alhamdulillah, we met up with the team from Kāhui Tū Kaha. It was a productive meeting. They are offering excellent services for the Muslim community. If there are any Muslims (within the Auckland Region) who need their support (mental health, social support etc), you can contact them directly or you are welcome to contact our VOI office so we can assist you.

Hopefully, this service will be offered by other DHBs throughout New Zealand, In Sha Allah.

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1 Comment

Jul 05, 2019

Depression and anxiety are prevalent amongst all communities in NZ including Muslims. Alhumdulillah, this platform provides to serve our ummah. May Allah ST reward you all in this world and more importantly in the next.. Ameen

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