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Quran (The Final Revelation)

We have FREE English translation of the Quran for You!

Surely this ˹Quran˺ is only a reminder to the whole world to whoever of you wills to take the Straight Way. (Quran 81:27-28)

We have revealed to you the Book only to clarify for them what they differed about, and as a guide and mercy for those who believe. (Quran 16:64)

˹This is˺ a Book which We have revealed to you ˹O Prophet˺ so that you may lead people out of darkness and into light, by the Will of their Lord, to the Path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy (Quran 14:1)

...We have revealed to you the Book as an explanation of all things, a guide, a mercy, and good news for those who ˹fully˺ submit. (Quran 16:89)

Ramaḍân is the month in which the Quran was revealed as a guide for humanity with clear proofs of guidance and the standard ˹to distinguish between right and wrong˺... (Quran 2:185)


Please fill out the form below if you are requesting the Quran from within New Zealand or Ghana. Otherwise you can download the soft copy from Play Store/App store or PDF copy. At the end of this page, you can also request your free copy from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom & Australia.

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Alternatively, you can request FREE copy from (not affliated to Voice of Islam):

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United States - Gain Peace

United States - Send a free Quran

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United Kingdom - Give a Quraan


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